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Deluxe Car Seat Booster Bed

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City Roamer

Handmade Plush Support Bed

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Learn About the Dachshund Dog Breed

Dachshunds, also known as "wiener dogs" due to their long, sausage-like bodies, are a small hound breed originally developed in Germany for hunting badgers. They come in three coat varieties: smooth, wirehaired, and longhaired, and can be standard or miniature in size. Known for their bold and lively personalities, dachshunds are loyal companions with a keen sense of smell and a tenacious spirit.

Fun Facts about Dachshund

Historical Hunters

Dachshunds were bred over 300 years ago to hunt badgers, rabbits, and other burrowing animals.

Hand-Woven Collar

Royal Ties

They were favorites of Queen Victoria, who adored the breed and helped popularize them in Britain.

Travel Safety Car Seat Booster

Stubborn yet Smart

Dachshunds are intelligent but can be stubborn, often requiring patience during training.

Multifunctional Storage Stairs

Diverse Coats

The three coat types (smooth, wirehaired, and longhaired) give them a distinctive look and varied grooming needs.

Trendy Striped Sofa Bed

Caring for Your Dachshund

Health Awareness: With their long backs, dachshunds are prone to intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). Ensuring they maintain a healthy weight and avoid jumping from heights is crucial.

Versatile for Multi-Pet Households

Superior Handcrafted Comfort

Each individual plush plaid block is hand-filled with premium cotton, ensuring a soft and luxurious feel. Skilled artisans meticulously craft each section to create a surface that’s both snug and uniform, perfect for your dog's downtime.

  • Ergonomic Orthopedic Support
  • Non-Slip Base
  • Removable & Washable Cover

Available in Multiple Sizes

Joint Protection

Designed with a rise height of 3.94 inches (10 cm) per step, provide a stable and secure on joints, knees, and spine, ideal for dachshund, elderly dogs or those with joint issues.

Safety is our top priority

Travel in Comfort and Safety

Urban Voyager is crafted with heightened and thicken padding to soften every bump on the road. Its anti-slip bottom ensures the seat stays put, keeping your little companion safe and cozy throughout the journey.

More Dachshund Care Tips

  • Weight Management: Due to their long backs, maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to avoid stress on their spine and reduce the risk of intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). Monitor their diet and avoid overfeeding.
  • Exercise: Provide regular, moderate exercise to keep them fit without straining their backs. Short walks and gentle play sessions are ideal.
  • Preventing Jumping Injuries: Discourage jumping from furniture or high places. Use pet stairs or ramps to help them get on and off beds or couches safely.
  • Grooming: Depending on their coat type (smooth, wirehaired, or longhaired), grooming needs will vary. Regular brushing helps reduce shedding and keep their coat healthy. Wirehaired dachshunds may need occasional trimming.
  • Comfortable Bedding: Provide a supportive and comfortable bed to protect their joints and spine. Ensure the bed is easy for them to get in and out of.
  • Mental Stimulation: Provide toys and puzzles to keep their intelligent minds engaged and prevent boredom-related behaviors.
  • Ear Cleaning: Check and clean their ears regularly to prevent infections, as their floppy ears can trap dirt and moisture.
  • Socialization: Dachshunds can be wary of strangers and other dogs. Early socialization helps them become well-rounded and confident.

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