How to protect your dog during car rides

A car journey can be exciting for you, but have you ever thought about the safety of your beloved pet? Just like us, dogs need protection during car rides. Ensure your furry friend is safe, comfortable, and happy every time you hit the road.

"Your Dog's Life is at 73% Higher Risk Without a Car Seat!"

Car accidents happen, and they can be scary. If your dog isn’t in a car seat, they could get very hurt or worse. A dog car seat is a simple way to keep them safe. Here’s why:

  • Stay Safe: A car seat is like a seat belt for your dog. It keeps them safe when the car stops quickly, turns sharply, or gets in a crash.
  • No Distractions: 65% of dog owners say they get distracted when their dog moves around in the car. A car seat keeps your dog in one place so you can focus on driving.
  • Cozy Spot: A car seat gives your dog a comfy spot of their own. It helps keep them calm and can make car rides more fun.
  • Less Chance of Getting Hurt: If there’s a crash, a dog in a car seat is 73% less likely to get hurt. It’s a simple way to keep your furry friend safe.

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First calss

The beauty of our First-Class Dog Car Seat Bed is its versatile charm. It's more, than a car accessory, it serves as a haven for your dog at home or a comfortable bed, for outdoor escapades. The easily portable design makes it a breeze to switch between indoor, outdoor, and car use, ensuring your furry companion always has a familiar place to relax, wherever life takes you both.

Large car bed

Having more dogs shouldn’t mean less comfort. Our Travel Bolster Safety Seat Bed is spacious enough to accommodate large dogs or multiple furry family members, making it a joyous and comfortable ride for everyone. Now, every car ride is a cozy cuddle party, with assurance of safety, irrespective of whether you place it upfront, at the back, or in the trunk.


FunnyFuzzy and Klarna have teamed up and used a combination of Klarna and FunnyFuzzy's ideas to present this FUNNYFUZZY X Klarna Pet Car Seat Bed, which is designed to explore the wonderful companionship between humans and their pets, and to make your travels with your beloved pets safer and more comfortable.

Waterproof car bed

Whether facing a drizzle or a downpour, the resilient fabric effortlessly withstands rain and sewage, providing a clean, cozy haven for your dog, while maintaining your car’s elegance. Transition from a fun-filled day at the dog park to a serene drive home without a hitch. Your furry friend will adore their comfy corner, and you’ll love the effortless upkeep.


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